Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years

– Insider, 2017


This project is a fictional chocolate bar, the brief was to come up with a concept, brand, and packaging design.


The research part of this project led to the discovery of a topic one might not imagine possible. The possibility of the world running out of chocolate, world shattering. Multiple sources were writing about this possible reality due to climate changes and over consumption of chocolate. Some argued why this will be, others argued why it would not.


Based on this the concept for Bittersweet was created.


The name Bittersweet refers to the natural bittersweet taste of chocolate in its purest form, dark chocolate. It also refers to the bittersweet reality of a world with less/no chocolate.


The product would be aiming to conserve chocolate, therefore it would naturally be organic and fair trade.


Bittersweet would be sold in the recommended serving size packaging (30-60g).